General Information

Business Name: Noble Mind Co., Ltd.
Address: 8 Soi Eakachai 76/1 Eakachai Rd. Klongbangpran, Bangbon
Tel: 66 2 416 4646
Fax: 66 2 416 3324

Business Detail

Foundation year : 1993
Established Year : 2000
Number of Employee : Approx 70 persons
Main Product & Service : Silver, Gold, Brass and etc.
1. Wire, Sheet and Tube.
2. Bangles, Choker, Ear loops and etc.
3. Findings :- Chiming balls, stamping and etc.
4. Electroforming, Casting and engraving.
Customers : Domestic 98%, Overseas 2%
Main Focus on Oversea Customer : Asia & Europe
Technical and Machinery : From Italy


    Since we believed that Family like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one. Noble Mind is just like the one branches on a tree which the business has been developed from our family business the silver grain merchandiser since year 1948. We realized that from the small tiny silver grains could be changed to be many things that are much more interested so in year 1993 Noble Mind Company Limited has been established.
Year 2000 : We moved to the new plantation in Bangbon Eakachai 63 Bangkok.
Year 2009 : We have developed new business called bangles.
Year 2016 : We have expanded our facility not far from the previous place to Bangbon Eakachai 76/1 and increased range of services - engraving, chiming balls and etc.